Radio Dance Anos 90



Format: Mp3
Country: peru
Genre: Eurodance
Credits: DJ TRAXX
Duration: 41:02
# Tracks: 24
Quality: 320kbps / VBR
Archive size: 93.9MB

1. ADMIRAL NELSON - Love is Gone (Radio Edit)
2. CHARLOTTE - Where We Are (Club Mix)
3. X-PRESSION - This is Our Night (Sinlge Radio Edit)
4. IN COLOUR - I Wanna Give it to you (Hollywood Up Mix)
5. SIRIUS - This is My Life (Euroworld Mix)
6. CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD - Impossible (Original Club Mix)
7. TH EXPRESS - (I'm) on Your Side (factory team edit)
8. DJ NEFI - Ride on a Meteorite
9. TEXTURE - Power Of Love (Radio Edit)
10. WHIGFIELD - I Want To Love (Extended Mix)
11. VENUS & MARC - Xummertime (Euro Dance Mix)
12. X-FADE - Dance (control Mix)
13. ACTIVATE - Let The Rhythm Take Control (Extended Version)
14. RAMA - Light My Fire (Original Mix)
15. MAGIC AFFAIR - Omen III (D.J. Pierre Mix)
16. OUTTA CONTROL - Tonight It's Party Time (Euro Mix)
17. CORONA - The Rhythm Of The Night (Space RMX feat. Ice MC)
18. PRIORITY - Time to Unite (Syntheseum Mix)
19. STANLEY FOORT - You Make me Believe in Magic (Radio Edit)
20. S.A.Y. Feat PETE D. MOORE - Music Takes You Higher (Club Remix)
21. ALEXIA PHILLIPS - I Never Needed (Eurosized Radio)
22. DJ BOBO - Take Control (Club Dance Mix)
23. NIGHT PEOPLE - In The Night (Extended Club Mix)
24. SWANN - I Love My Life (Extended Remix)

mixed by dj traxx



2 In a Room - El Trago (The Drink)
The Playground featuring Paul Alexander - Desire
Masters At Work featuring India - I Can't Get No Sleep
The Right Attitude featuring Karen Anderson - Never Knew Love Like This Before (Trance Mix)
Yellow & Black - Forever
Mike L.G. - Say, Say
The Right Attitude featuring Karen Anderson - Never Knew Love Like This Before
Man-Tecka featuring J D III - Magic
Voice of The Underground featuring Code 59 - Caliente
Mike L.G. - I Totally Miss You