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Taleesa Greatest Hits (CD - 1998)

Taleesa There's Something Going On (Feat.
Taleesa I Found Luv [Time Mix]
Taleesa Make It Right Now (Feat. Aladin
Taleesa A Brighter Day (Feat. Secchi)
Taleesa Falling In Love Greatest Hits (Talee
Taleesa I Break Down & Cry (Feat.
Taleesa Let Me Be Greatest Hi
Taleesa Call My Name (Feat. Aladino)
Taleesa 4 Your Love (Feat.
Taleesa We're Easy To Love (Feat. Secchi) [ Remi
Taleesa I Wanna GivE
Taleesa Because The Night (Feat.
Taleesa Brothers In The Space (Feat. Aladino)
Taleesa Promise (Feat. Aladino)
Taleesa Burning Up Greatest Hits (Taleesa
Taleesa 4 Your Love (Feat. [Reconstruction Mix]
Taleesa I Found Luv [Le Click Remix Original Edit


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